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European Village, December 16, 2006

We have played the European Village several times over this year and are working out the details to turn this into a monthly thing.  The European Village is a combination shopping area, condo complex and hotel in Palm Coast that is themed as the town square in a village somewhere in Europe (hence the name...).  We were originally introduced to the Village by Joseph Iannelli and have been playing there from time to time.  They have a great setup, large stage, lighting and an audience of stroll-by shoppers, outside diners and the hardcore faithful that pull up tables and chairs and enjoy some blues under the stars.  On the 16th, it was a perfect night - not too hot, not too cold, no bugs and clear as a bell.  The pictures were taken by a friend of Phil Reed's, Donald McCray, who was visiting from DC.  Thanks!

Here we are in the middle of a tune

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Keith with his stylin' new shirt

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Coop and Phil, keeping the rhythm tight and together

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Now how did that second verse go again?

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I think Coop's trying to figure out what key we're in

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