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September 24, 2005, Your Place

Your Place, on Atlantic Blvd. in Jacksonville, has become one of our favorite spots.  It's a good-sized club with fun customers and love of good music.  Here's a typical night out...

While the club is a pretty good size, the stage is pretty small for a 5-piece blues band.  This night we had Ken Royal on drums, a real treat!

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Here's Joseph with his impromptu keyboard stand - a walker purchased from the nearby Walgreens...

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Ja and Keith swapping licks...

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Keith getting down with his soulful self and his FrankenStrat

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Coop keeping the beat going

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Some folks dancin the night away

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And Ja tellin stories again.

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Thanks to Keith's sister, Robin Aiello for the pics!  Hope to see you all out at Your Place or one of our other haunts!