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JW Gilmore and the Blues Authority has performed from Jacksonville to Daytona Beach to Gainesville at various clubs, parties and festivals.  The band can be configured from 2 to 5 pieces, depending on the venue.  Our resume includes performances at festivals such as Springing the Blues, the Gainesville Fall Arts Festival, Rhythm and Ribs and the Epic Celebration of Spring as well as local clubs like My Place, Bourbon Street Station, Gypsy Cab Co., Hurricane Patty's, The Pizza Garden, The Bank and Blues and the European Village of Palm Coast.   We have a reputation of being prompt, professional and very easy to work with.

While we have performed (and continue to perform) for many restaurants, our repertoire is not designed for quiet background music; we're not a jazz band who can play blues, we're a blues band.  If you need some BGM, we might be able to help you find a good group, but that's not what we do.  By the same token, we're not a cover band that plays some blues, either.  We play original interpretations of blues classics, some obscure blues tunes and some new originals thrown in for good measure.  Our repertoire is aimed at blues and roots-music lovers who want to listen, dance, groove or all of the above.  When you're thinking of us, imagine the roadhouse scene from Animal House or a BB King concert - definitely not Kenny G and not a live jukebox.  If you want a room full of folks jitterbugging to some old-school shuffles or doing a slow grind to a down and dirty blues, well, that's more like us.

We can provide our own PA system or can use existing systems, depending on capability.  The band's PA system is most appropriate for indoor (club) performances or small outdoor performances.  If you are interested in hiring the band for a large outdoor performance, please contact the band ahead of time to discuss the possible need to rent additional sound equipment. 

If you would like to contact us for bookings, discuss references, check our availability or to discuss our terms and conditions, please contact us at (904) 599-5814 or via email by clicking here.